Golden Years Home Transitions is a team who are completely focused on providing transition services to assist seniors in their Golden Years.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that the agreed outcomes for the transition from your old home to your new home are realised.

We are a small team who know and understand the aged care industry. Our partners have an extensive history of care and assistance within this industry, including strategic advisory roles and financial consultancy. Cameron Early has been an active volunteer for Meals on Wheels Paddington in Queensland at both the grass roots and corporate governance level for over 15 years. Steve Riley has worked with RSL Care, now known as Bolton Clarke, managing their Retirement Living business. Mr Riley has done extensive aged care research with Anglicare SE QLD, specifically in respect to disease profiling.

We liaise with you, your children, siblings or other trusted advisers and ensure that you are completely satisfied with your transition.

We can help as we are specialists in Home Transitions for seniors. This is all we do.


Our Goal is to assist as many seniors throughout their ageing journey as we can with kindness, compassion, and respect.


Our vision is for an all encompassing ‘one stop shop’ for seniors, providing services before, during, and after transition.

Founder & Managing Director

A Masters of Ageing graduate with First Class Honours from the University of Melbourne, co-founder and managing director Cameron Early wanted to make a difference to senior people’s lives, and was committed from the company’s inception to making the process of moving into aged care or retirement living a smoother and more streamlined one. He believes that helping seniors through this complex and stressful transition is vital for their health and future well being.

Senior Move Manager Founder

After hearing a presentation during the Global Welfare Summit on the Gold Coast in 2016 from Lena Gan, an academic from the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, at the University of Melbourne (UoM), Cameron made the decision to further his knowledge in the subject of Ageing. In his interview with the University of Melbourne, Cameron discusses how his Masters of Ageing has guided and improved the care and support Golden Years has been able to provide. 

Golden Years Senior Home Transitions