We take care of all the details to make your transition as smooth as possible. When you choose Golden Years we are your one point of contact. We will project manage your real estate agent, packers and removalists, organise the disconnection of utilities, cancellation of subscriptions, rehoming of pets and whatever else we can do so you don’t have to worry about anything during your home transition journey.


The decisions you make about your property can have serious financial implications. At Golden Years our transition agents work for you by giving you the facts and expert advice, independently and transparently, to realise the maximum value of your property.

This is how we make sure you find the best real estate agent for your property style:
1. Obtain an independent valuation of your property
2. Review real estate agency data
3. Provide a series of expert recommendations
4. Select the best real estate agent for you

Our process for setting the list price of your property is underpinned by an independent registered valuation so you can be sure that the price is the best for your property.

Aged Care Accomodation


We have packers and removalists who are specialists in their field. They will come to your home and identify all of the things that need to go with you, all the furnishings and items that won’t be going with you, and all the special items that will be distributed amongst family. Once we have organised and identified your items, we will carefully and professionally pack your items, transport them to your new home and help you unpack and move into your new home.  


  • Downsizing & the Sale of Unwanted Items
  • Presentation & Marketing of Your Home
  • Off-site Short Term Storage of Excess Furniture
  • Rehoming of Your Pets
  • Disconnection of Utilities
  • Stay@Home
  • Technology Support for Seniors
Golden Years Senior Home Transitions