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Be happy at home.

Golden Years enables older Australians to feel safe, comfortable, and cared for in their home. 

The most important factor in deciding where to live as you grow older is knowing yourself. Know what is appropriate for you, be true to the lifestyle preferences you want and be conscious of your capabilities.

Golden Years is a certified Senior Move Manager. We apply the same dedication, compassion and techniques to help you stay at home as we do to help you move.  There are many accommodation options available to you as you get older. Staying at home is not for everyone and may not be right for you if you have encountered an adverse environment. There are alternatives like retirement living and aged care accommodation that you may want to consider. We are here to help you on your journey through your senior years, it’s important to not give up and find support and guidance to help you make the best decision for you and your family. 

For over 9 years, Golden Years has been helping older Australians who want to stay at home prepare for the ACAT assessment and navigate government funding for aged care at home by providing expert guidance and knowledge about in-home private care or government funded aged care programs, including Home Care Packages Program and Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

In addition to our local industry knowledge and insight, our team has completed comprehensive, specialised training with the National Association of Senior Move Managers to help older Australians stay at home safely and independently. Our NASMM@Home Specialist performs a thorough Safety and Functional Assessment of your home followed by a detailed @Home Plan and recommended @Home Services carefully designed to suit each clients’ needs, desire and home. Our @Home Services extend to assisting our clients with organisation, decluttering, dispersal of items to family members,  and the coordination of ageing in place improvements and modifications, including assistive technology as simple as a grab bar or shower seat to more complex home automation systems or in-home monitoring systems. 



Safety and Functional Assessments

The @HOME PLAN aims to define your vision, reduce home safety concerns and eliminate common in-home hazards by  creating a floor plan and repurposing your existing space to achieve a home where you feel happy, safe and cared for.

Our Senior Move Managers can help you make your home safe. @HOME SERVICES can include some or all of the following:

  • removing clutter around the house
  • adding nonslip strips on the edge of stairs
  • keeping medication in a secure place
  • installing ramps or rails where needed
  • widening doors
  • installing alarms and monitors
  • co-ordinating domestic assistance at home
  • deciding what will be donated, sold or discarded and executing your wishes


Co-ordination and Guidance.


Home Automation Systems & In-Home Monitoring Systems for Seniors. 


Home automation systems and in-home monitoring systems are able to give seniors and their families peace of mind. As we get older, sudden falls, trips and accidents are more common. Memory loss, remembering to take medication and other lifestyle changes can complicate a senior’s everyday activities and put them at risk. By having reliable technology in the home, seniors and their families can be warned when something unusual happens and seniors can ask for assistance when they need it. These systems are designed to protect and support older Australians and provide their families with peace of mind.

We offer a Senior Technology Support Service to help you select the appropriate technology and we can teach you or your loved one how to use and make the most of the assistive technology. 

Golden Years Senior Home Transitions