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Senior Technology Support.

Technology can help you live at home longer, while also ensuring your safety and comfort. Exactly what technology can benefit your life and how do you use it? We are here to assist you with just that. 

Technology changes quickly and often that it can feel overwhelming to keep up with all the advancements around us. Phones, TV’s, computers, smart homes, sound systems, iPad’s and the list continues. These technologies can have an important and positive impact in our lives if we know how to manage them. Choosing the right technology can bring you closer to your family, give you and your family peace of mind, improve your mental health and well-being, and assist you to live a comfortable, safer and more social life. 



the right technology for you.

Maybe you don’t see how specific technologies could make your life better or you may feel overwhelmed with the many devices and systems available for seniors. Not all technology is an asset to your life but it is certain that there are conveniences, time savers, and efficiencies that may help you along the way.

Our goal is to match the right technology with your unique circumstances, needs and purpose. Technology for seniors can enhance your social wellness, safety and independence or provide easier access to entertainment, grocery delivery, healthcare appointments, and daily errands. Together we can discover technology that can improve your life the way you want.


Optimise Your Knowledge

In our connected world, seniors can benefit from access to new technologies. But, learning it can be a daunting task. Age affects your brain function even if you are healthy. You might struggle with memory, have difficulty with complex concepts and find your thinking has slowed down. These changes can create challenges as you seek to learn new technology. But persistence and patience can pay off.

Or maybe you feel intimidated and anxious or convinced yourself that a specific technology is far too complex and unnecessary in your already functioning life. We can help increase your confidence and knowledge about technology which may remove any anxiety or uncertainty you may feel. 

Our overall goal, here, is to see you learning and using new technologies with confidence and possibly even showing your grandkids a thing or two. 


Internet Safety for Seniors


Seniors have never been a bigger target for cyber crime and fraud. Safety might be a concern that keeps you from exploring and using technology. This is a legitimate concern that should be taken seriously. But it’s an issue that can be addressed by learning best practices for internet safety. There are some simple guidelines we can teach you that may help protect you from threats and cyber criminals. 

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