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Should you help your Mum and Dad stay at home, or transition them into a retirement village or an aged care community?

If you or your loved one is thinking about moving into a retirement village or is in need of aged care, it is important to fully consider all aspects and research all housing options to ensure it fits with your needs and reasons for moving.

Specialised housing accommodation options for Seniors who have suitable financial means are offered in three different mediums throughout Australia, including:

  • Over 50’s Lifestyle or Resort Villages or Manufactured Home Park Villages (eg: Palm Lakes Resorts, Living Gems)
  • Retirement Living in a Retirement Village also known as Independent Living Accommodation (eg: AVEO, BlueCare, Boulton Clark Retirement Villages)
  • Residential Aged Care Communities or Nursing Home Facilities

Options for seniors without financial means are in public or private rental accommodation with access to Home Care assistance through the Commonwealth Government’s Home Care Package System.

Choosing the best option for you or your ageing parent requires an understanding of the aged care and retirement living system. We know and understand the Retirement Village and Nursing Home businesses and how they work. We understand the principles of Bonds, RAD’s and DAP’s in Nursing Homes, and we know about DMF’s and GSC’s in Retirement Villages. We can help answer your general questions and provide some surety and peace of mind.

Golden Years Senior Home Transitions