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We help you transition

Finding a home with proper care for your loved ones requires extra special consideration. Our Golden Years  team works closely with you to find the most affordable and quality care that suits your senior's assisted living needs.

Starting with care

We work with you to make an informed decision on the home and care services necessary for you or your family member. Our goal is to assist in transitioning your loved one into a comfortable space with the independence, safety and care they deserve.

We communicate closely with specialised groups that find positive environments with skilled professionals ensuring your confidence during and after the selection process. We believe the right placement for your loved one is essential to their enriching and joyful golden years.

What people say about us

There were so many things to organise and I've never organised these things before: the sale of Grace's house to pay for where she was going, the removalist, the clean-up, the storage... it was getting beyond me, I just didn't know what to do. When I met Cameron, everything just became so easy! I'm just so grateful to him.”

“I had taken off 4 days because I figured it was going to take me 4 days to move Dad, and with Golden Years help the whole thing took an afternoon. It really made the whole process go so much more easily. What impressed me the most was how quickly, it was like a whole team came in and disassembled everything and then built it right back up in the next place.”

“Mum had a fall and suddenly she needed to move. We were totally unprepared and needed to act quickly. 

There was a lot to do but Golden Years made the  process stress-free and easy for Mum and the rest of family. Thanks Cameron for your independent and professional advice and services.”

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