Choosing the right team to sell your home at retirement age is vital for a smooth and stress free transition.

Selling your house at retirement age, whether you’re downsizing, buying or moving in with family, requires careful planning.

When a senior decides to sell their home, getting the right price and finding a real estate agent knowledgeable about the specialized needs of seniors is critical. A specialized senior real estate agent knows senior housing options and will guide you in making appropriate selling and buying decisions. Our retirement living and aged care consultants will ensure that you find the right real estate agent.

In addition, we obtain an independent bank accredited valuation of the home to ensure you are getting the right price from the sale of your current home. Once you are happy and agree with the valuation price, you appoint our agency to liaise with and manage the sale of your property through a national real estate agent of your choice. Our goal is making the transition as easy and quick as possible while maximizing the price you receive for your property and minimizing the time it takes to sell.

Consequently, we also help with advice on minor home repairs (if needed), maximizing the presentation of your home, decluttering and downsizing, and we can arrange short term storage of excess furniture or the disposal of unwanted items.

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How we can help you.

  • Provide an independent bank accredited valuation of your home
  • Co-ordinate and select a real estate agent for the sale of your home
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Minor Repairs
  • Organise, Declutter and Downsize
  • Arrange for the disposal/sale of unwanted goods and chattels

How we helped Alan and Joyce sell their house.

Alan and Joyce had been trying to sell their home at Ebbw Vale for over a year. They had moved into a Nursing Home because Joyce needed regular care. The longer it took them to sell their house the more it cost them to stay at their new home. This was causing them significant distress.

We investigated their situation and recommended they promote their property as a ‘business’ proposition, pitching it to a style of business that needed main road exposure. A related party to the adjoining owner ultimately purhased the property.

“We had our house listed for sale for over a year with a general real estate agent and we weren’t getting anywhere. Golden Years got involved and they secured a buyer in just over two months at a higher price than we were expecting.”

Alan and Joyce W.

Ebbw Vale, Queensland

Another client Success Story with Elvira.

Mrs M. suffers from Parkinson’s Disease which significantly impedes her speech and ability to write. Handling all the activities associated with moving home was very stressful and hard for her to manage.

Elvira engaged our services and we successfully sold her home within weeks of the property being listed without her needing to worry about the process of agency selection and managing the sales process.

We even went one step further and arranged for the disconnection of her utilities, reconnection services and organised the redirection of her mail.

“I was really happy to have Golden Years Home Transitions assist me with selling my house and when it went under contract so quickly, I was unprepared for how quickly I needed to get everything sorted in order to move out. Golden Years Home Transitions saved me days of work, phoning people, running here and there and so forth. Using Golden Years was so easy and such a relief.”

Elvira M.

Caboolture, Queensland

Golden Years Senior Home Transitions